Website Design

Irrespective of your background details- whether you are a small or large corporation, our motive is to propel your business with a world class website by putting the right components in the right position to hold your visitor’s attention and providing flawless navigating experience. Web Seeker works with a vision to generate something astonishing that grabs the attention of website visitors.


Our Web Design Process

Online Recognition is the topmost need of every business.Online Recognition is the topmost need of every business.
  • planning stage

  • Gather content

  • Plan structure

  • Design

  • Testing

  • Live

Responsive Website Design – The Only Way to Go


In our increasingly mobile world, a wholly responsive website is essential to business success. Your clients need to be able to access your company’s information, products, and services wherever and whenever they want. With a Dream Consultancy’s responsive web designs, your website can adapt to whichever device your customer uses, be it PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone

Our responsive website Design features include:

  • One URL for all web platforms
  • Cost-effective design and build
  • Highly SEO supportive
  • Responsive dizajn
  • 100% optimizovanost
  • Mobile friendly
  • SEO fiendly

What you get with – webseeker

“Collaborative effort, persistent dedication, expert domain knowledge and planning strategy help us to complete web designing projects on time. We are one of the best end-to-end web solution providers with unmatched quality solution”

Why work with our website designers?

Website design is a pure art coupled with web engineering. Our designers provide you the opportunity to produce an interactive site comprising of the needed applications. We have the satisfaction of working with amazing clients spread across different industries. It includes noted brands and start-up companies. Our team is passionate about creating fantastic designs suitable to the requirement of the client. We maintain the same enthusiasm and passion across all the sectors and sizes of the business. The skilled team creates enticing concepts, which they turn into an inspiring model.


    Great web designers

Web Seeker is one-stop technological solution to all the needs. Our team comprises of experienced and creative designers who offer unique and fantastic layout for a website. The extensive use of proved framework helps in establishing a successful design that is easy to use, flexible and convenient. The constant update to latest technologies and tools help the members to deliver enhanced website design that fits the specification of business. As a website represents an organization, corporate image and brand, our designers work meticulously in delivering promising results that help in the growth of the business.

    Truly effective websites

An effective website captures the attention of the customer. Web Seeker delivers a website that is responsive, efficient, performance-oriented, and innovative. Building an effective site promotes the image of the company, which also assists in enhancing the presence in the market. The development team works closely with the company to understand the concept, brainstorm and arrive at the needed layout of the site. Marketing, communications and technical support ensure that the site receives the required recognition on the internet. Contact us today to receive a perfect solution to your business needs that also grows in parallel with the business.

    Logo & Design

Web Seeker delivers astonishing concepts that identify the business through the simplest form - mark or icon. Creating an identification is utmost important to help secure a stable position in the market. The professionals help in creating a perfect image or mark that also supports the design branding. Design branding, as we see, is a corporate image that swirls around the visual devices within the organization. It follows a guideline that further help in administering its application across different mediums, layouts, color patterns and so forth. By creating an image, promoting the brand becomes easy.

    Web Design

Web design describes the front-end (client side) design of the website that includes layout, architecture and writing. Web Seeker encompasses different disciplines and skills needed in the production and maintenance of the sites. With a firm grip on the basics of web development, achieving desired result is possible. Additionally, the use of advanced web accessibility and web engineering guidelines helps in keeping the site up to date. The changing trends of modern browsers and new standards help the developers to keep their options open while choosing reliable tools during the production process. Marketing, interactive design, page layout, typography, motion graphics and quality of code are the techniques and skills utilized in the creation.

    Mobile Applications

Transform your business with creative and innovative applications. Web Seeker offers the opportunity to create mobile applications for workforce, partners and customers. These applications are helpful in bringing additional traffic to the main site. Moreover, they have a crucial role in delivering flexible access to the services or products of the company. With the growth in the usage of smartphones, creating mobile application has become necessary. Supercharged by consumer adoption, mobile technology is growing at a frantic pace. We offer exceptional support in the production and maintenance of the applications that help our clients see a significant rise in their business.

    Custom Web Development

Arm yourself with an innovative website that meets your needs and grows parallel with the business. At Web Seeker, we always thrive to deliver a cost effective solution and effective site for customers. Custom web development provides an opportunity for the customers to utilize the skill of the professionals to achieve their desired output. The development offers no compromise on the quality, proven framework, and integration with external APIs and internet services, security, technical support, and performance. The unlimited solutions available with us offer a unique experience for our customers that cater to the requirement and fits precisely to the specification.

    Internet Marketing

The internet marketing services from Web Seeker assist in developing the much-needed recognition to the website. The company offers result-oriented services to elevate client’s sites to unprecedented levels. The professionals implement different strategies necessary in boosting the traffic to the site. The unison of effective online techniques and expert knowledge of the professionals reaps rich benefits that turn any website into a lead generator. The services include social media, link building, local search, content creation, conversion videos, PPC, and web design. Constant monitoring of the results helps the marketing team to play with various tools to drive traffic to the site at all times.

    Web hosting

Web Seeker gives a unique opportunity to host your website. Making the website available to the world via the World Wide Web provides the chance to make the presence of your company in the market. The services include disk space, dedicated email space, choice of operating system, PHP, and ASP.NET. The updated infrastructure and databases allow the website to reduce loading and accessibility time. Additionally, we offer single email domain, DNS management, and domain forwarding. There is also the option of choosing needed applications from a vast list. Skilled professionals monitor the activity round- the-clock and offer technical support 24/7.